I’m a full-time BELS-certified freelance copyeditor in the scientific, technical, and medical industry. I specialize in journal copy, and I have particular expertise in the following topics: oncology, rehabilitation, sports medicine, infectious diseases, and transplantation. I edit books for several university presses on a wide range of general- and special-interest topics, such as war and presidential studies, critical theory, and fossils.


My PhD is in English from the University of Kansas, where I studied science fiction literature with James Gunn. I have authored two books and a number of articles and have coedited three books. Most of my work is service within the fan and SF scholarly communities, usually focusing on project management and book or journal production.

Current projects

I am currently working on televisual representations of the alternate history and audio dramas. I remain particularly interested in World War II–era fanzines and the Eighth Doctor.


I am founding coeditor of the academic journal Transformative Works and Cultures.



I am not teaching any English classes.

In fall 2022, at the UMF Fitness & Recreation Center, I am teaching Aqua Zumba (Mondays at 10:30–11:15a; Saturdays at 11–11:45a); and Step aerobics (Tuesdays at 9:45–10:30a). Classes end for the holidays; call the front desk if you’re not sure class will meet.